Carlos von der Becke -
Danger and brain evolution
  • 1.scope
  • 2.experience and physical-psychophysics
  • 3.artificial intelligence and problem spaces
  • 4.operating systems and robots
  • 5.architecture, space and the hard problem
  • 6.danger perception
  • 7.visual attention
  • 8.attention networks
  • 9.brain develops mind
  • 10.internal clock
  • 11.distress and attention
  • 12.
    internal=>danger experience
  • 13.Shannon's surprise
  • 14.binary strings and extreme danger
  • 15.danger feelings
  • 16.danger related steps towards consciousness
  • 17.physics, biology and consciousness
  • 18.models revisited
  • 19.danger avoidance with little conscious attention
  • 20.conscious intentions and what memory is for
  • 21.starting with P-consciousness
  • models
  • 23.danger diagnostic and treatment as order parameters
  • 24.toward a theory of the brain?
  • 2.feb.1999

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